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Boat Cleanup in Half the Time with Ceramic Coating: Protect Your Gelcoat

Did you know that the automotive enthusiasts at ATD are also passionate about boat maintenance? The shine and protection that ceramic coating offers your car can also benefit your boat

Boat ownership takes work, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. If you would like to enjoy your time on the water with less rubbing, scrubbing, and waxing, ceramic may be right for you. Here’s what you need to know about how ceramic coating works with gelcoat to make boat maintenance less of a hassle. 

ceramic coating for sailboatWhat Does a Boat’s Gelcoat Do?

Gelcoat is a glossy layer of resin that acts as the last line of defense for your boat’s fiberglass hull. Not only does it keep your craft looking shiny and attractive, but it also prevents water from penetrating and causing expensive damage. 

As long as there are no cracks or chips, gelcoats guard the hull against caustic chemicals, corrosion, and UV radiation. If your coating becomes compromised, however, deterioration can happen fast. 

Whether you’re docked in the lake, marina, or garage, gelcoats require maintenance. Dirt and grime that isn’t regularly removed from your boat’s surface will weaken your coating and require aggressive cleaning to remove. Gelcoats also require regular waxing to function optimally — a time-consuming labor of love for boat owners. 

How Does Ceramic Coating Work with Gelcoat?

In much the same way that ceramic coating can be applied over PPF to better shield your car from common road hazards, it can also top off gelcoat for an added layer of protection. 

Ceramic’s thin layer of very rigid nanoglass cures to form a permanent chemical bond with the existing coating that won’t warp or peel. When properly applied, it creates a smooth, hydrophobic surface that reflects light and repels dirt. 

Protect Your Boat

ceramic coating for boats in marina

Many boat owners are drawn to ceramic coating for its brilliant shine, but the benefits are much more than aesthetic. Top your boat’s gelcoat with ceramic to:

  • Ward off UV damage
  • Keep water on the right side of your hull
  • Resist corrosion
  • Repel grime and pollutants 

Clean Your Boat Faster with Ceramic

Putting an extra layer of protection between your gelcoat and environmental hazards pays dividends when it comes to regular maintenance. 

Ceramic non-stick quality makes it much easier to remove dirt and debris without labor-intensive (and potentially damaging) scrubbing. It also reduces the need for waxing, simplifying upkeep to ensure that more of your time is spent enjoying your boat. 

Choose Quality Ceramic Coating

Not all ceramic coating is created equal. ATD relies on eco-friendly and water-way safe formulations that protect your boat as well as the environment. 

Choose an installer that uses premium, marine-grade products that are formulated to withstand harsh temperatures, salinity, and hard water to keep your craft looking and functioning its best.  


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