How long do I need to leave my vehicle for Ceramic Coating or PPF Application?

In order for us to spend a sufficient amount of time preparing your vehicle’s paint and applying the coating or film, you will need to leave your vehicle with us for at least one day, and potentially multiple days depending on the state of your car’s paint and the options you choose. Please contact us to determine the exact length of time we will need for your vehicle.


How much does a Ceramic Coating cost?

We have ceramic coating packages starting at $299 but each package varies based on the condition of your paint prior to coating. Please contact us to obtain your estimate. See more about our Ceramic Coating.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as cash transactions.


Do you offer a warranty with your products or services?

We use top of the line products from companies that warranty their product lines. Once you contact us, we can determine what level of protection you are in the market for we can discuss the warranty that comes with that specific level of protection and product.


How much does Paint Protection Film cost?

We price each job accordingly based on the make and model of your vehicle. Please contact us to obtain your estimate. See more about Paint Protection Film.


Can you apply window tint on my car while I wait?

Yes, that is possible but there are circumstances that may require you to leave the vehicle for a full day. Please contact us to obtain an estimate and discuss scheduling options. See more about our window tinting services.


Do I really need PPF and Ceramic Coating for a new vehicle?

Yes, the level of protection that these services provide when combined is the perfect combination to ensure you keep that new car look and feel for years to come and maximize your vehicles value. Please contact us to discuss the benefits and other suggested services for a new vehicle.


Does automotive window tint really protect the interior of my new car?

Yes, the sun’s dangerous UV rays can fade or damage your vehicles interior. Please contact us to obtain an estimate and discuss the benefits of our Xpel and Llumar window tint product lines.


Will it benefit me to apply PPF and Ceramic Coating to my used vehicle?

Yes, it’s never too late to protect your vehicle and improve the condition of your vehicle’s interior and exterior. Please contact us to obtain an estimate and discuss the best combination of services and products.


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