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How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

Whether your vehicle is a daily driver or a meticulously maintained Sunday cruiser, time can take a toll on its finish. 

If you want to protect your automobile from damage, increase its resale value, and keep it looking spectacular, ceramic coating is a fantastic option. Though the level of protection you need depends on how you use your vehicle, a properly applied and maintained ceramic coating can last for many years. 

Here’s how to get the most out of your investment in your car’s finish. 

ceramic coating red sportscarWhat is ceramic coating, and what does it do?

Ceramic coating is a kind of hydrophobic chemical polymer. It begins as a clear liquid that is applied to a vehicle’s surface, where it bonds with the existing paint. When it cures, it becomes a coating of rigid nanoglass. This durable shield protects your paint from the elements indefinitely, including: 

  • Bug splatters and highway grit 
  • UV damage
  • Heat up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Oxidation and corrosion 
  • Caustic environmental chemicals

Unlike PPF, ceramic coating is chemically fixed to your car’s surface. This new layer of finish can’t be peeled away. In fact, it can only be removed by mechanical abrasion.  

What is the lifespan of ceramic coating?

The longevity of your ceramic coating will depend largely on how you drive and maintain your vehicle. In general, daily drivers can expect to enjoy 5-8 years of protection when the coating is properly cared for. For those of us who like to sell or trade in vehicles when they reach a certain mileage, a single ceramic coating can easily last for the duration of ownership.

Is it worth it?

Protecting your car’s finish is an important part of preserving its resale value – a must for auto-enthusiasts.

Even if you have no intention of parting with your vehicle anytime soon, an expertly-installed ceramic coating can make the experience of ownership more enjoyable. Protected paint is less vulnerable to the chips, scratches, and dings that drivers dread. 

Additionally, the layer of rigid nanoglass makes it easier to keep your vehicle glossy and clean by repelling dirt and grime. The shiny, non-stick surface means that bird droppings and bugs can be wiped clean with less scrubbing.   

How to make your ceramic last:ceramic coating rain repellant

Proper aftercare is the key to extending the life of your ceramic coating. Your automotive detailer can give you specific maintenance instructions for your vehicle’s protective covering, but in general, adhere to three cardinal rules:

  1. Do not wash your vehicle before the coating has had time to cure completely (typically about a week after application).
  2. Wash your vehicle using a separate bucket and rag for the wheels and undercarriage. This prevents grit and abrasives from finding their way into your wash water. 
  3. Spot clean your vehicle as needed. Bird droppings and insects have a pH that can weaken your ceramic coating over time. 

Which ceramic coating package is right for me?

ATD has a variety of protection packages tailored to any driver’s needs and budget. While the standard two-coat process is more than sufficient for many vehicles, auto-enthusiasts who want extra protection should consider pairing ceramic with PPF to maximize their investment. 

Reach out to our auto detailing experts to determine how ceramic coating can protect your paint job, as well as your vehicle’s value. 

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