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How to Protect Your Classic Car

Classic cars are time machines that transport us to a bygone era. People who love these unique automobiles know they require special care to keep them looking spectacular and preserve their value. 

Whether your vehicle is a garage queen or a daily driver, a few extra precautions can help you get the most enjoyment out of your classic car. 

classic car whiteBe meticulous about documentation.

There are many reasons to photograph your prized vehicle, but documentation should be one of them. Pictures are a great way to establish a frame of reference for damage or wear and tear.

Store photos, appraisal documents, and repair records in a safe place. This paper trail will make it easy to confirm that any parts are original and authentic to the make and model of your classic car should you ever decide to sell.

Hit the road.

Not only is taking your classic car out on the road enjoyable, but it helps circulate lubrication and extends the life of your battery and engine. 

Make time for a weekend drive a few times a month, and you’ll keep your vehicle running smoothly without packing on mileage. These short excursions are also an important opportunity to identify and address maintenance issues before they become problems. 

Protect your paint with ceramic coating.

Sunday drives are a lot more fun if you aren’t worried about hard-to-avoid threats to your classic car’s paint job, like:

  • Bird droppings
  • Bug splatter
  • Sap
  • Highway grit
  • Road salt
  • UV damage
  • Acid rain

Paint protection film and ceramic coating guard your vintage vehicle against road hazards so that you can enjoy the ride. classic car ceramic coating

Garage your classic car properly.

A climate-controlled indoor garage is ideal for keeping your classic car easily accessible and safe from the elements. Just be mindful of lawn equipment that may be stored in close quarters with your car, as leaking fuel and oil can damage your car’s paint. 

If long-term storage is necessary, take steps to ensure that your vehicle is protected from rodents and extreme heat or cold. Treat or drain fuel lines and consider attaching your battery to a trickle charger to keep systems functional through periods of dormancy. 

Invest in regular professional detailing.

Improper washing techniques and interior care are serious threats to the value of your classic car. Ensure that any cleaning products you use are safe for your vehicle’s surfaces, and schedule time for regular professional detailing.

Routine deep cleaning can address areas of your classic car’s interior and exterior that most people don’t have the tools to clean. Seek out a detailer who understands the products and techniques that will protect delicate materials, and you’ll keep your classic car looking fantastic as the years roll by.

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