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Protecting Your Tesla’s Resale Value

There’s no denying the Tesla phenomenon. These sporty, sleek vehicles have reimaged electric cars, and their increasing popularity is changing infrastructure. New Tesla charging stations are appearing all over, including here in Garner, NC.

Tesla’s depreciate slower than gas-powered vehicles, but meticulous maintenance is still important for helping your investment hold its value over time. Here are a few steps auto enthusiasts can take to protect their Tesla from the hazards of daily driving.

tesla charging resale valuePaint Protection Film

Paint protection film, or PPF, is a very thin polymer that forms a barrier between your Tesla’s paint and caustic substances like:

  • Road grit
  • Salt
  • Acid rain
  • Tree sap
  • Bug splatter
  • Bird droppings

PPF can be applied to the areas of your vehicle that are most likely to come into contact with dirt and grime, or to the entire surface. 

Paint protection is also an important safeguard against minor scratches and door dings. Any damage to the surface of the film will smooth out when you wash your Tesla with warm water or park it in the sunshine, keeping your finish flawless.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is another paint protection measure that can be installed on its own, or in conjunction with PPF. It is applied to the surface of your Tesla as a liquid, where it hardens into a rigid coating of hydrophobic nanoglass.

Not only does ceramic guard against UV damage and corrosion, but it also prevents bird droppings, grit, and grime from adhering to your Tesla’s surface. This allows you to use less elbow grease when washing your vehicle — critical for preserving your paint job

Window Tintingtesla resale value

Heat and UV radiation can cause your Tesla’s interior to fade and crack. Window tinting doesn’t just give your vehicle a sporty look, it protects your seats and interior fixtures from deteriorating prematurely. 

The benefits don’t end there — your Tesla’s long battery life means more sun exposure during long, leisurely drives. Window tinting can actually help prevent skin cancer in drivers and passengers by blocking harmful UV rays from entering your vehicle. 

Interior Detailing

While your vehicle’s paint job certainly plays an important role in determining its resale value, don’t neglect your interior. Your Tesla’s center touchscreen is vulnerable to scratches, fingerprints, and sun damage — keep it looking pristine by installing a screen protector. 

When it comes to your fixtures, seats, and floorboards, it’s important to remember that effective detailing is a marathon, not a sprint. Many drivers find that the simplest and most enjoyable way to keep their Tesla on a regular maintenance schedule is to engage professional detailing services

Regular deep cleaning will keep your Tesla looking like new and allow you an opportunity to notice and address any issues before they negatively affect your resale value. 


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