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Schedule Your Paint Protection on Tesla and Mach-E Pre-orders

If you’ve pre-ordered your next new vehicle, you’re probably counting down the days until delivery. You may have already prepared the perfect spot in your garage, but did you know that you can make arrangements for paint protection installation while you wait? 

Here’s what you need to know about scheduling your PPF installation or ceramic coating so you can get your new ride on the road sooner. 

tesla blue paint protectionDon’t Wait to Find a Reputable PPF Installer.

The potentially months-long wait for delivery is agonizing enough — don’t extend it by waiting for your installer. 

Many drivers who receive their new vehicle are disappointed to learn that detailing shops are booked up for weeks or months. Unfortunately, these auto enthusiasts have to choose between garaging their vehicle until they can get PPF or ceramic installed or putting their pristine paint job at risk on the road. 

ATD is happy to offer pre-scheduled paint protection services that work around your delivery date. Book installation for your pre-order early, and you’ll be cruising with confidence within days of delivery. 

How Soon Can I Schedule Paint Protection?

As scheduled deliveries become more commonplace, purchasers often have about 4-8 weeks of notice before they receive their new automobile. Depending on demand and the manufacturer’s logistics, this wait can extend for months. 

Regardless of the projected lead time, drivers can schedule paint protection service as soon as they receive an estimated delivery window for their pre-ordered vehicle. 

Book the Top Tesla and and Mach-E Installer in Greater Raleigh-Durham

Choosing a reputable paint protection installer is critical — your results depend on it. Improperly applied PPF and ceramic can fail, peel, bubble, and give your vehicle a cloudy or streaky appearance. 

Drivers who don’t want to risk their investment seek out highly-rated professionals,  which means that these installation locations can book up for weeks in advance. Pre-scheduling your services will help you avoid long wait times after your vehicle is delivered. 

Is PPF Just for Teslas and Mach-Es? schedule tesla paint protection

Tesla and Mach-E pre-orders experienced a recent surge in popularity, but scheduled paint protection is a smart option for drivers who want to preserve the resale value of any new vehicle. 

Pre-book your PPF or ceramic coating while you wait on delivery from any manufacturer, including:

  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • Range Rover
  • Rivian
  • Ford
  • Dodge
  • Toyota

Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of Paint Protection.

Whether you choose PPF, ceramic coating, or both, paint protection is key to preserving the luster of your paint job, keeping your new vehicle looking new, and reducing stress over everyday hazards. 

Safeguard your brand new automobile against grit, grime, and scratches as soon as you receive it so you can enjoy the ride with less worry. 

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