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Too many new eager Tesla owners make this one mistake. If you just acquired a new Model Y, Model S, Model X or Model 3, avoid the same pitfall. Have us protect your new Tesla’s paint before hitting the road.

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ATD Auto Detailing - Tesla Paint Protection in Raleigh NC

ATD Auto Detailing - Tesla Paint Protection in Raleigh NC

Your Tesla is a luxury car.

There is no question that the Tesla Model Y, Model S, Model X or Model 3 are luxury cars. Yes, they save you money on gasoline. That, however, doesn’t make them economy penny-pinching automobiles. Tesla cars fill a very new niche of vehicle. This niche shares some very distinct qualities with many other electric cars in terms of fuel-savings and progressive clean energy. In any event, Tesla cars do this, at the luxury end of the spectrum. In other words, you get a lot of the same benefits of budget electric cars, but you get to enjoy them in a luxury package.

As is the case with all luxury cars, the need for care and protection grows as the price of the vehicle increases.

This is not simply from an economical point of view, but also from the pride of ownership perspective. Wanting that Tesla Model 3 to look as good in 3 years as it looks now is a big part of enjoying your Tesla ownership.

The Big Mistake

Now, there is a big mistake that most car buyers make when they buy a new car, Tesla car buyers included. While they are busy signing the papers, the dealership is at work on getting the car ready. They remove all the packaging materials that come with the car from the factory. They install the floor mats, wash it for you and then hand it over with the keys, an owner’s manual, and a shameless plug dealer plate on the back.

At that point, you feel that you are done. It is time to enjoy the car. I mean, after the money paid, that is what you would expect. But no, you are not done. See, the dealer pretty much washes their hands at that point. They made the sale, and you are responsible for the car from now until the time you get something else.

Most people don’t know it, but go look at any 2 year old car and you will see that it has freckles. Yeah, it has a wide array of tiny pinholes all over the front end. When the car was first bought it was not like this. Here comes the takeaway… You can have your Tesla’s finish look like it did when you first pulled out of the dealership, two years later. In order to achieve this, you have to do something about it the second you leave the dealership. The mere act of driving it around, even carefully, will earn you a collection of rock chips.

ATD Auto Detailing - Tesla Paint Protection in Raleigh NC

What To Do Then?

Have paint protection film installed. Every new car, no matter the price tag, should have paint protection film installed. You need this if you expect to really enjoy the car. You can enjoy it without constantly having to worry about getting it chipped up when driving it. The cost of paint protection film should always be part of your budget when you are buying a new car.

The materials alone are expensive, but a lot of the cost is the labor as it’s something that is nearly impossible to do right without a good amount of experience. It is important to note what was said earlier about Tesla’s being luxury cars. It might be easier to just let it slide and not protect a Chevy Volt. But once you step up to Tesla territory, protecting that finish is a no-brainer. You do not want to have to look at the front end of that Model X in 2 years, or even a year, and cringe at all the pitting from rock chips.

If you want the ultimate protection you can go as far as wrapping the entire car. Remember, this film is self-healing, meaning that any scratches simply disappear with the heat of the sun. The grunt of the road hazards tend to attack the front end of the car, but scratches and rock chips can happen to any part of the vehicle. Oftentimes, pebbles coming at you can be high enough to nick the roof and even the rearmost panels. Full body protection is worth it on luxury cars.

Bryan Prato installs paint protection film to a white Tesla in Raleigh, NC

Professional installation of a paint protection film to a white Tesla in Raleigh, NC

ATD Auto Detailing - Tesla Paint Protection in Raleigh NC

Where To Do It.

At ATD Detailing our specialty is the installation of paint protection film and ceramic coating. Our bread and butter is the daily driver luxury vehicle. We price our work very competitively for that market. Just because we work on hyper cars does not mean the mid-range luxury car work needs to be too expensive. After all, those are the cars that see the most drive time. Not the weekend-only super cars.

You might be planning on buying a new Tesla. Or maybe you are already waiting on the delivery of a new Tesla Model Y. Make sure to start planning now and make an appointment with us ahead of time. That way, when your new Tesla is delivered, you can resist the urge to hit the open road immediately and bring it to us first for paint protection. That way you can really enjoy that first road trip knowing that rocks are not going to ruin your new shiny finish.

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