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Tesla Paint Protection Options

The Tesla brand is so strongly associated with innovation and modernity, it’s no wonder that drivers want to keep them looking sleek and new. Pristine paint not only enhances the experience of ownership but also factors heavily into the resale value of your Tesla when you’re ready to upgrade.

Whether you are planning to pre-order your new Tesla or want to keep an existing vehicle looking its best, ATD has a range of paint protection options to suit your needs and budget. 

White tesla on highway needs ppf and ceramic coatingPaint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection film, or PPF, is a fantastic first line of defense against your paint job’s most common enemies, like:

  • Road salt
  • Tree sap
  • Loose gravel
  • Bird droppings
  • Door dings
  • Bug splatter

The very thin polymer is carefully cut to fit each panel of your vehicle, and when applied properly, forms an invisible layer of protection against highway grit. What’s more: the film is self-healing. This means that it absorbs inevitable scuffs and door dings, reforming a perfectly smooth surface the next time you wash your car with warm water. 

Beware DIY PPF

For thrifty drivers, DIY paint protection kits can be tempting. While they do come with upfront savings, there are also significant risks. 

Reputable PPF installers use proprietary plotting software to ensure that each panel of film fits your vehicle’s make and model precisely. This attention to detail is what prevents unsightly bubbles, wrinkles, and visible edges. Additionally, quality PPF manufacturers like XPEL require that their products be installed by certified professionals in order to keep the PPF covered by the manufacturer’s warranty

Unfortunately, many of the drivers who take a chance on bargain PPF kits lose their investment and have to seek help from a professional detailer to undo the damage. 

Ceramic Coating for Teslasnew black tesla with paint protection parked on street

If you want your Tesla to retain its showroom shine, ceramic coating is right for you. This ultrathin layer of nanoglass reflects light beautifully while forming a hydrophobic barrier that makes washing your vehicle a breeze. 

Ceramic also offers excellent protection against UV damage and acid rain, offering peace of mind to those who want to use their Tesla as their daily driver. 

How PPF and Ceramic Work Together

Automotive enthusiasts who want to maximize their paint protection should consider ATD’s trifecta of services: PPF, ceramic coating, and window tinting. 

If your budget allows, installing ceramic on top of your paint protection film gives you the benefits of both services. Starting with PPF ensures that the ceramic coating lays flawlessly over your car’s surface, while greatly reducing the effort needed to remove dirt and grime. Less scrubbing during washes means less risk of scratches, scuffs, and swirl marks. 

Schedule Professional Detailing for Your Tesla

Preventative maintenance is key for drivers who want to keep their Tesla in peak condition. Investing in periodic routine maintenance with a professional detailer makes caring for your vehicle at home easier and more enjoyable. 

Detailing pros have the tools and techniques to give your Tesla a more thorough cleaning while protecting the integrity of your PPF, ceramic coating, or window tint film. Reach out to learn more about ATD’s custom detailing packages and choose a maintenance schedule that suits your unique needs.   


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