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The Best Paint Protection Tools Used by Professionals

When going to an auto detail shop in need of paint correction, the most important factor is finding a shop that you know you can trust.

You want a shop that uses reputable products and techniques that will give you the best paint correction possible, especially if you are considering installing  Clear Bra or Ceramic Coating. With paint correction you want to make sure you’re using technology that will give you the best result possible, which means using Diminishing Abrasives. Diminishing Abrasives essentially are polishes that when exposed to friction will break apart. While the product might start in a larger grain, as it is worked it becomes finer and finer. This does wonders when correcting paint defects.

Raleigh Auto Paint Correction Tools

It does take more elbow grease, but the end product looks better. The polishes we use are best installed by professionals who know when the polish has hit its sweet spot. The tools used also affect the result drastically. Here at ATD Detailing Inc we use RUPES polishers, which have an impeccable reputation in the industry. RUPES has completely changed the paint correction process. Their tools don’t create a swirl or hologram which makes it much more possible to use the Diminishing Abrasive technology successfully.

We know that you want your vehicle to look the best it possibly can, and that means spending time and money on the treatment it needs. We take the time to make sure your vehicle looks as good as possible when it comes out of our shop. If you decide to take that step and get a ClearBra treatment or Ceramic Pro, that means making sure there is as little or no damage to your paint as possible. We only use the latest and greatest technology to make sure your vehicle drives off our lot good as new.

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