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What is the Trifecta of Automotive Protection Services with ATD?

Whether you have just invested in a new vehicle or you’re interested in restoring an older one to its former glory, there are several services to choose from. 

If you’re debating between paint protection film, paint correction, and window tinting, you may be better off deciding not to choose just one. These services work together as a “trifecta” to protect your vehicle inside and out. Optimize your car’s resistance to road hazards, door dings, and UV rays to keep your paint job looking brilliant for many miles. 

auto paint protection trifecta bumpersPaint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection film, or PPF, acts as an invisible shield for your paint job. PPF is made of a thin, flexible polymer that is professionally applied to the areas of your vehicle that are vulnerable to damage, like the doors and bumpers. This “second skin” safeguards your paint job against everyday hazards like loose gravel, highway salt, minor scratches, and door dings. 

PPF is made of self-healing polymers, so any damage dissolves under warm water or the heat of the sun. An added bonus: PPF guards against hard water spots for glossy finish and easy cleaning. 

Paint Correction with Ceramic Coating

Paint correction is one of the best ways to make a dramatic difference in your car’s shine. Even the most meticulously cared-for vehicles will collect minor damage from highway grit and abrasive washing materials. Over time, these imperfections in the clear coat that covers your car’s paint job will cause “swirl marks” that give your finish a dull and hazy appearance. 

Paint correction buffs out minor scratches and scuffs, creating a perfectly even surface that reflects light brilliantly. 

Because paint correction is accomplished by removing a small amount of your car’s clear coat, it is important to reinforce your paint protection. Ceramic coatings create a water-resistant shield for your paint job. Not only does this coating repel blemishes and water spots, it also makes it easier to remove dirt and grime during washing. Reducing the amount of scrubbing it takes to clean your car’s surface is one of the best ways to preserve your paint.

Window Tint Film

Window tinting does more than keep your car cool and your valuables hidden in parking lots – it blocks the UV rays that can harm you and your vehicle. 

Glare from the sun can damage your skin and fade your car’s interior. If left unprotected, cloth, vinyl, and leather can become discolored and cracked over time. Window tinting alleviates the heat and radiation that often leads to expensive maintenance and repairs. 

Extending the life of your vehicle’s interior is an important, but often overlooked, part of preserving its resale value

What are the benefits of the automotive protection trifecta?

Extend the life of your paint and interior, protect your resale value, and enjoy your car to the max with our trio of automotive protection services. 

While each of these services helps keep your car beautiful and well-maintained, they’re even better together. A well-protected paint job is easy to clean, and gentler washing, in turn, preserves the life of the film that protects your car’s body and windows. 

Get bumper-to-bumper, inside-out protection from driving hazards and environmental damage. ATD’s protection trifecta maximizes the benefits of each service by promoting the overall condition of your vehicle. 

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