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Why Reputable Brands Matter for PPF or Ceramic Coating

The range of options for paint protection film (PPF) and ceramic coatings can feel overwhelming. Auto enthusiasts who want to preserve the sleek look of their car view paint protection services as an investment – they understand that you tend to get what you pay for.  

At ATD, we recommend a quality-first approach to paint protection. Here are a few important considerations as you research ceramic coating and PPF brands. 

white car paint protection1. Quality PPF offers the most invisible protection.

No one wants the automotive equivalent of plastic slipcovers. Your efforts to safeguard your vehicle’s shine are all in vain if your PPF is cloudy, thick, or visible at the edges.

High-performance paint protection brands like XPEL are not only rated for their durability but their crystal-clear appearance when properly applied. Investing in ultra-thin film and choosing a reputable installer will allow you to repel rain and highway grit without interfering with your vehicle’s appearance. 

2. Each brand of paint protection has its own formulation.

Different brands of PPF and ceramic coating have proprietary chemical formulations. It’s important to invest in quality paint protection that is engineered to last, because you will need to commit to that brand’s entire line of products. 

Unscrupulous installers may try to reduce costs by mixing and matching premium PPF and bargain ceramic coating or aftercare products. Not only can this shorten the life of your paint protection, but it can also void your manufacturer’s warranty. Do your homework to make sure your detailing shop doesn’t cut corners. 

3. Reputable brands protect your warranty. red sports car paint protection

Speaking of warranties, a quality brand of PPF or ceramic coating should back its products with a guarantee. It’s important, however, to make sure you pay attention to its conditions. 

Using unapproved chemicals for installation or aftercare or using an unlicensed PPF installer can void your warranty’s protections and leave you liable if your paint protection fails. Don’t be afraid to ask your installer questions, such as:

  • Which products will they use?
  • Are they licensed to use those products?
  • Will any part of the process be subcontracted out?
  • Are any subcontractors appropriately certified?
  • What aftercare is recommended and why? about which products they will use, if any steps of the process are subcontracted, and whether the detailing professionals involved are appropriately certified. 

4. High-quality paint protection brands are a sign of a high-quality detailing shop.

Well-qualified installers recognize that not all ceramic coating brands and PPF are created equal. Automotive detailing shops that stock premium paint protection products are more likely to be committed to a quality consumer experience and end result than those that are less discerning. 

When choosing an installer, make brands an important part of your research. Paint protection that is seamless, long-lasting, and protected by a manufacturer’s warranty will guarantee the best return on your investment in your vehicle. 


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