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Does Your PPF Installer’s Software and Plotting System Matter?

When it comes to paint protection film, fit matters. This thin, protective polymer must be cut and installed precisely to properly protect your vehicle’s surface without interfering with its shine.

Installers use a computerized plotting system to cut the film for a perfect fit to your specific automobile, but not all systems are created equal. Here is what savvy auto enthusiasts should know about PPF software when choosing an installer. 

xpel dap software for ppfWhat is DAP Software?

DAP is an acronym that stands for “digital adoption platform.” In the world of PPF installation, DAP is a software platform that integrates seamlessly with the installer’s existing technology to ensure optimal performance. 

ATD uses XPEL branded paint protection film because XPEL owns their DAP software and has engineered it specifically to work with the formulation of their paint protection film.

Avoid Installers Who Use Third-Party Software

Not all PPF patterns and software systems are designed to work with a specific brand of film. This can significantly affect the quality that you get as a customer.

Some installers use programs owned by third parties that have no relationship with the PPF manufacturer. Anyone can purchase access to this software and begin plotting film, but the likelihood of an imprecise fit puts your investment at risk. 

The Risks of Improperly Installed PPF

If your installer approximates the fit of your PPF or takes a “close enough” approach when choosing patterns, the consequences will be obvious. Ill-fitting paint protection film will:

  • Appear textured in stretched-out areas
  • Give your vehicle’s exterior a cloudy appearance
  • Have visible edges
  • Bubble or wrinkle
  • Peel 

The Benefits of XPEL’s DAP Software ppf plotting software

The XPEL brand owns the DAP Software used to plot their PPF, which means that the engineers who create their patterns work closely with the engineers responsible for the formulation of their film. 

Integrating their product with their technology ensures the highest quality of film and the most seamless installation. 

XPEL also owns the world’s largest pattern repository, so the owners of rare, exotic, or specialty vehicles can count on a perfect fit.

Protect Your PPF Warranty

Choosing the right installer does more than guarantee the look of your vehicle — it ensures long-term protection and avoids stressful situations in the future. . 

Certified installers who use plotting systems designed to work with a specific brand of film ensure that the job (and the film itself) can be warrantied. This is important for drivers who want to make sure they have proper recourse if the PPF fails within the warranty period. 

So be sure to ask your installer about their process and the software they use before agreeing to PPF installation. It’s one step further in protecting your investment.

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